How to Catch Alaska Halibut in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska


  • May 1-September 30
    Identify and Catch Alaska Halibut

    Identify and Catch Alaska Halibut

How to Identify Alaska Halibut

  • Has two different colors on its sides;
  • Both eyes are located on the dark brown upper side;
  • The lower side is a white color.

About Fishing for Alaska Halibut, the biggest Alaska sport fish in Cook Inlet

Record winning 440lbs halibut

440lbs halibut claims the Alaska state record!

The Alaska halibut is the most sought saltwater sport fish species  in the State of Alaska. The Alaska halibut has two different colors on its sides. Both eyes are located on the dark brown upper side and on the lower side the color is white. The State of Alaska sport fish record for the Alaska halibut is a whopping 440 pounds. This excellent tasting flatfish is highly prized for eating and sport.

How to Catch Alaska Halibut

How to Catch Kenai Peninsula Alaska HalibutAlaska halibut are a bottom feeding migratory fish that will move into the saltwater surrounding the Kenai Peninsula in April and will stay until October. The best way to sport fish for this great eating and great fighting Alaska fish is to use the services of a professional charter captain and his boat and gear. The knowledge of these professionals is directly related to the success you will have on your Alaska halibut fishing trip. Depending on underwater terrain the Alaska halibut can be found in water from 50-500 feet deep. Alaska Halibut sport fishing tackle is highly specialized and most charter captains guard their techniques and fishing spots very closely. Generally speaking Alaska halibut are caught on heavy duty but limber rods with small pulleys as guides, and heavy duty level wind reels with 60- 120 lb test lines are common. Baits are usually herring, octopus or salmon belly although jigs in the hands of an experienced angler can produce excellent results. Less experienced anglers will usually lose a rod when they hook their first Alaska halibut by jigging. All in all Alaska halibut is not only a great sport fish it is a great food fish. For a more detailed description on the methods and means to catch the mighty Alaska halibut please go to the Alaska Fishing Maps and Fishing Guidebooks and purchase your choice of these informative maps and guide books.