How To Catch Silver Salmon (Coho) in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

How to catch Silver Salmon in Alaska – the best way to catch silver salmon is to know about the fish. Here we have lots of information about how to catch Silver Salmon.


  • Found in: Saltwater, Resurrection bay, Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bay
  • July 15-September 30

How to Identify Silver Salmon or Coho:Catch Silver Salmon (Coho) Kenai Peninsula Alaska

  • Greenish blue back with silvery sides
  • Small black spots on the back, dorsal fin, and usually on the upper lobe of  the tail
  • The gum line is white to light gray
  • Spawning adults develop greenish black heads and dark brown to maroon bodies

Alaska Silver Salmon (Coho) Basic Information:Catch Coho Silver Salmon in Alaska

Alaska Silver (Coho) Salmon is greenish blue back with silvery sides. Like other salmon, the Coho wears small black spots on the back, dorsal fin, and usually on the upper lobe of  the tail. The gum line is white to light gray. Spawning adults develop greeenish black heads and dark brown to maroon bodies.

How and where to catch Silver Salmon in Alaska

In the saltwater off the Kenai Peninsula like Resurrection Bay trolling at various depths with the aid of down riggers or diving aids like the Pink Lady attached to herring flashers, cut herring rigs, T-Spoons and large Vibrax and Pixee Spoons work very well as does casting these spoons and spinners from the shore near the mouths of freshwater streams. In Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay, casting ,trolling and even jigging during high tides near the mouths of the various of the different silver salmon spawning streams and rivers also produce angling action using large Pixees, Vibrax and Mepps. Fresh water fisherman who want to hunt the silver salmon from the banks should look for pockets of slack water and areas close to the banks where the water runs slow. Alaska silver salmon do not like fast water. For spin and conventional fishermen casting from shore or from a boat into shore with flashy spoons and spinners will produce good fishing action. Use rods and reels that can support 15-20 pound test lines for best results. From an anchored boat a salmon and egg loop rig filled with some cured salmon roe and just enough weight to keep the bait near the bottom can produce silver salmon when they are off the bite for lures.

Coho Silver Salmon: Perfect for Fly Fishing

For the fly fishing angler the Alaska silver salmon is the perfect game fish. Silver salmon are quick on the take and will produce many jumps and reel smoking runs. A 7-9 weight fly rod, matching reel,floating or sink tip line,1x-3x tippet, and some of the basic fly patterns as outlined on the Alaska Fly Fishing page are all you need to get fly fishing. Most of the time basic streamer and wet fly presentations used for trout work fine on silver salmon. You don’t need any fancy techniques. Deep drifts through pockets of slack water are most effective. Because the Alaska silver salmon is so abundant and aggressive, the Coho offers novice fly fishermen a great way to learn the art of fly fishing.